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Man Skills! Episode Two: “Man Bites”

Our brand new video is out!    It’s the second installment of the immensly popular “Man Skills!” series.   It was directed by our friend Mike Karlin (who also just passed the Bar Exam), and we very happy with his cinematic view.   Enjoy. Thank you! and please share this with your friends! -FBRP and [...]

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Mashable Awards – Nominate FBRP!

Hey Guys and Gals! First things first, Thank you for watching our latest video, Night Terrors!. It’s the most views we have ever had on a release day, and we appreciate every last view. Thank you! and now, to the “awards”… The Mashable Awards are given out each year for outstanding companies and groups in [...]

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Outside Lands and New Projects!

Hello! Man, it has been ages since we posted on our site, and that sucks. We will be doing some upgrades to the website in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for that. We just returned from the 2010 Outside Lands Music/Art Festival in San Francisco, which we thoroughly enjoyed. From Mayer Hawthorne [...]

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Andrew and The Robot

YES!!! The time has finally come for the brand new video from FBRP!! We have spent a lot of time and resources on this, and we would love it if you could just send this to one person you know, even if you think we are dumb-dumbs! And without further ado…here it is…Andrew and The [...]

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Wake Up DJ Sad, Wake Up!

Here is a little video to tie you over until we drop our latest project… An FBRP tradition was born about 5 years ago, where we all get together on Wednesday nights to watch South Park during its run’s of new episodes. Now, we have full time jobs, so 10pm on a weeknight is a [...]

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2 New Videos for Friday!

Hello friends! Since it’s friday, we wanted to spoil you with 2 brand new videos. Although they are short, they are a good sampling of what we do…boomerangs and vocal solos…thanks for the support. Please check them out below. -FBRP

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