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Man Skills! Episode Two: “Man Bites”

Our brand new video is out!    It’s the second installment of the immensly popular “Man Skills!” series.   It was directed by our friend Mike Karlin (who also just passed the Bar Exam), and we very happy with his cinematic view.   Enjoy. Thank you! and please share this with your friends! -FBRP and [...]

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Man Skills! Episode One: How to Sell a Car

We have released our first foray into the “webseries” genre, with our spectacular new short, “How to Sell a Car”.    Please enjoy. Please share this with everyone you know. And by everyone, we mean EVERYONE…even that dude who sold you those weird taco’s last week…he’ll love it. -FBRP and crew

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Night Terrors!

Well, we did it. We created another little gem for you. This one, is all about the crazy food you eat, and how it makes you wake up screaming. It’s real life, and it’s Night Terrors! Enjoy! And please share this with someone! -FBRP and crew

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