Who is FBRP?

So, you are probably wondering who FBRP is. Well, first off, we are Men. Second, we believe in having a great time. Friendship Bike Ride Productions is a collection of like-minded individuals who decided to showcase a lifestyle through a company, instead of just a bottom line. FBRP’s aim is to be a conduit toward individuality while using the resources of a family to progress goals and ideas. Simply…we make videos, we make shirts, and we have a good time doing it. While we just starting, we realize that the journey is the adventure. No need for boundaries, no need for regulation… just innovation through collaboration. (and rhyming, don’t forget about rhyming…) Welcome to FBRP. We are the Future. For a synopsis of how this all started, please check our introduction videos…

Reid B. Horton

Andrew David Clapp

Mike Ciauri